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Want Less, Need More.

When it comes to relationships, why do we consciously make bad decisions even when we’re aware of their repercussions? I asked the question on the Facebooks and this was the consensus across the board:

  1. Because the sex is good.

  2. Because we’re dumb AF.

  3. Because we don’t want to be alone.

  4. Because we hope that things will change.

And finally …

  1. Because the heart wants what it wants.

UGH. Sit down and pour yourself a glass of wine while I tell you all the things my heart has wanted. It’s wanted a man who resentfully manipulated me into thinking he wanted me too. My heart’s wanted to salvage a romantic relationship that had ended years before. It’s wanted a serial monogamist who was scared of having everything he asked for. It’s wanted a man who thought I was sexy … and nothing more. It’s wanted a liar and a cheater, but even worse, it wanted to believe that he would change. My heart’s wanted to be with someone who would never look at me the way I looked at him. It’s wanted someone I knew could never commit. It’s wanted someone to love me when what it needed was for ME TO LOVE ME. It’s wanted someone to validate that I was ENOUGH, when motherfucker I BEEN enough. 

Logic over love (or our cloudy, twisted depiction of it) isn’t as logical as we make it to be. If it were that easy, we’d be making good decisions all around and this blog wouldn’t exist. When you’re emotions are involved, it’s not as easy as picking between a pair of Louboutins that you want and a new tires that you need. Some people will always want things they can’t have, but trust that you will eventually want to do better. 

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