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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone!

Like so many years before, I had already planned on doing a V-Day gift guide, but this time I expanded the list for everyone like Vintage Vandalizm did on her blog. While the gifts may not be much to some, let’s not forget what the real meaning behind the Hallmark holiday is and remember that a “gift” is just an added bonus.

Gifts for HIM. Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the females. Every man is different, but most men (if they’re awesome) should appreciate the gifts below.

Old-fashion shaving set.  If I were a man, getting a classic cut and shave would be equivalent to me getting my nails done every 2 weeks. It’s an unnecessary necessity , and it’s sexy as fuck. I could watch my man shave shirtless all day. This gift set is especially cute, because it’s all eco-friendly, the soaps are made with beer, and it all comes in a vintage cigar box.

Vinyl. Like good men, vinyl is rare nowadays. And any half decent man will appreciate music. This set is affordable, and also doubles as art.

Decanter Set. Oh you better quit playin, ‘cuz it’s about to get real sexy up in here. On some James Bond type shit. A crystal decanter set for whiskey, is like a man’s fine china collection. I love the simplicity of the square designs. The appeal is so classic you could be drinking Kool-Aid (red flavor of course) out of it and still feel refined.

Tickets to a Sporting Event. I’m not saying that you’re NOT a man if you don’t enjoy sports. I’m just wondering what kind of man you are if you don’t enjoy sports? You really can’t go wrong with this ladies.

Cufflinks. Because it’s all about the details. You can go big and get a set of designer cufflinks, or something different like this. I like this design, because you can personalize the degrees so that it’s your house, or the location of your first date, etc.

Gifts for HER. Unless your girl is super high-maintenance, super shallow, or a hooker, she will usually appreciate the time you put into her gift as opposed to the money you spent. Below are a few items I think a GATNB kinda chick would love.

Jewelry. While diamonds are appreciated, if she really loves you she won’t care as long as it’s pure, sincere, and straight from your heart. Like this pendant right here. I fucking love it.

Champagne flutes. Because bitches love champagne, and this design is beautiful as well as unique.

Lush Bath Set. I haven’t tried these out myself, but apparently they’re all the rage. This one is called “Sexy Fun Times,” and what better time for that than on Valentine’s Day? Like lingerie, this is a gift for your girl the both of you can enjoy.

Tickets for a Live Show. A live show can make for a perfect, non-typical date night. And if you decide not to go, it’s still perfect for a girls night out. The Lion King is a show I’ve heard great reviews about and have yet to watch.

Framed Art. A lot of women enjoy decorating. Why not find out who her favorite artist is or what her favorite pieces are, and have it framed?

Gifts for YOU. And when I say YOU, what I really mean is ME. These are a few items that I would appreciate on any day. If you’re single, why not treat yourself?!

Original Ex Knife Set. I don’t really want to stab my ex (not anymore at least), I just thought this was a cute design and definitely makes for a good conversation piece. At any rate, any woman that cooks should appreciate a good set of knives.

DVD Box set. But not just ANY box set. THIS limited edition one. How fucking cool is it? OK, so it’s a little creepy. Whatevs. If whoever you’re buying this for loves The Walking Dead enough to want to own the DVD set, then they’ll think it’s awesome and not gross.

Boom Box iPod dock. What can I say? It just looks so damn cool.

Books. I already mentioned here that I love books, so this shouldn’t be any surprise. Books and a glass of wine, double as boyfriends for us single ladies.

Bikram yoga gift bag. This is just awesome. Matter fact if I could start a business tomorrow, I’d make it a custom gift bag service and this would be one of my first products. It may seem silly to buy a $100+ just for yoga, but this one is a nice, simple design that has features specifically for yogis. Like straps for your mat, and a detachable lactic case for your wet clothes. A bag like this complete with a yoga mat, towel and water bottle would make an excellent V-Day gift for yourself or a girlfriend.

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