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  • dearabi

The Blast Off.

Take me to the moon, and let me sing with stars. You can play the piano on my ribs while I hum a melody only we can hear. I’ll write love notes on your heart, and you can play the xylophone on my spine. For you are my back bone. You are mine. Greater than Beethoven, more exquisite than Bach, You compose a medley of bliss worthy of a thousand ovations. I snare at your presence and my heart beats an 808 everytime you come my way, Because you and me? Perfect harmony. And if I am the “perfect verse over a tight beat,” You are the high hat that makes me complete. There you are, Stroking my soul while stroking my hair. Kissing my neck, and strumming my G … string. As I pick. you. apart. I replay your kisses in my head, and rewind each time we make love in my mind. And can hear you speak to me in silence. I love you with a reverb in my heart, and crescendo in my soul. From the bass in my bones, to the tip of my tongue You tug at my heart strings, and I conduct symphonies in your name. From your hook I can’t refrain, You’re a chorus that’s stuck in my brain. And I don’t want to forget. You are music to my ears, And I will never get tired of your song.

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