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TGIF – Weekly Roundup Edition

No excuses.

LMAO. I swear, I’m too easily amused sometimes. OK, all of the time.

The homie Skoot put me on to his newest endeavor Fresh Pizza, specializing in Filipino food and ridiculous ass specialties like Adobo and Sisig pizza. WTF?! WHAT. THE. FUCK. If you’re in the San Lorenzo/San leandro area check it out and tell ’em I sent ya!

Click on logo the logo to visit their website.

Killa-Kam the Trombone man!

OMG I want to adopt him.

For my readers back in the motherland.

Click on image for deets.

“U ain’t gotta be rich but FUCK THAT. How we go’n get around on your bus pass? Fo’ I put this pussy on your mustache …”

Probably one of the best texts I’ve ever received in LIFE.

Sorry for disappointing you Jey.


I was just about to conclude my Friday post on the usual positive note, until I read the above article amidst all the Mavs/Heat news. I just spent 20 minutes wahing with my boy Scott about it, and I am seriously BUMMED. Are we really picking Curry over him? He’s the Ultimate Warrior! He doesn’t even wanna leave, he has the fucking logo tatted on his back! But if he does *oh God I need a hug* best believe I’m still gonna cheer for him and rep that #8. ‘Cuz to me, Monta IS the Warriors.

Detox was supposed to start this weekend, but I may just need a beer or five now. This combined with Bumgarner getting “Cained,” and the very, too early to even say anything potential of mi amor being traded, is all bad news bears. UGH. Everyone else, please have an amazing weekend for me lol.

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