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TGIF – Weekend Roundup Edition

Happy TGIF everyone! Weird that it’s already Friday, yet I feel like I’ve had a long week. Went bacon at the gym last night and am sore and tired at work today, but motivation lies in results and I’m seeing them. I’m also starting to get sick, but hopefully I can Jedi mind trick that shit to go away so I can participate in at least one of the following weekend festivities. If you guys know of anything else going on feel free to share! (Click on pics for more info).

Friends With Benefits comes out today. I already watched part one staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher and loved it, so I hope this sequel does it justice. Either way I’m watching it solely based on the fact that I’d love to be in bed with both of its stars.

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My friends at Marley’s Treats will also be selling cupcakes this weekend at the Summer Soul Music Festival in San Carlos. Yall know me, I’m old school. Can’t wait to see The Delphonics, Evelyn Champagne King, Rose Royce, The Cover Girls, Stevie B, Dwele, and more!

Detox in Milpitas is probably the closest equivalent the Bay Area has to a Vegas pool party. A definite must for skin, water, alcohol, and fist-pumping ’til the sun goes down.

And of course there’s Giants games against the Brewers. You can never go wrong at the yard. Have an amazing weekend everyone!

And on that note …

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