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TGIF – I’m Tired Like a MUFUCKA Edition

Bottle service at Toyose. ESL karaoke. Shannon Arms tag-teaming. Wet Wednesdays at BJs. Otis for Xela’s bday. And the weekend hasn’t started yet. In between all that madness I even managed to get in a writing sesh at Barnes and make party favors for my cousins baby-shower on Sunday. I have such a busy weekend ahead of me that I’m leaving the 9-5 early today just to run errands and more importantly, take a nap before I head out to the 8-2. My life has been pretty amazing lately though so I can’t complain.

Have a ridiculous weekend everyone, and make sure to check out the rest of the post after the jump. Everyone at the game tonight get loud and crazy one time for your girl. I’m so J I can’t be there 😦

‘Cuz I’ve always liked it better when forking leads to spooning.

Good save Nate!


RIP Randy Macho Man Savage  “I’ll never snap into a Slim Jim the same way again.”

You already know …

I got an army, better yet a navy.

Fail Abi, FAIL.

“Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb …”

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