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TGIF – Blah Blah Baseball Edition

I never wanted to drive my car into the Barry Zito bandwagon when he was pitching poorly, so no one can say I’m hopping on it now. More so, I felt sorry for the guy … with the $126 million dollar contract. I know, I know “poor thing. But I’m sure the humiliation of being the highest paid player on the team yet sucking so bad he wasn’t even put in the post-season rotation was PRICELESS. I couldn’t help but sympathize. I was almost scared they’d boo him at the World Series Parade seeing as he didn’t contribute anything tangible on the field. Which is why I’m genuinely glad that he’s finding his mojo once again (although it’s not looking so good for mi amor). Regardless, good shit broseph, and congrats to the SF Giants for getting 50 wins before the All-Star Game! It’s been a while, eight years in fact. And since reading A Band of MiSFits, I now see the significance in winning the 50th game against the Padres. Oh – DUH. I don’t know why I didn’t post this soon as the results came in, but of course congratulations to Timmy, Vogelsong, Big Daddy Cain, and future ex-boyfriend B-Weezy for making it on the team!

*Looks up at paragraph* So much for keeping it short this Friday.

Lastly, on a somber note condolences to those affected by Shannon Stone’s tragic fall at the A’s vs. Rangers game the other day. It’s a really sad story, but hope that his friends and family find solace in knowing he spent the last hours of his life spending quality time with his son.

Think happy. Do happy. Be happy. Live, laugh, and love. The cliche still rings true, life is too short … the weekend even shorter. So have an amazing one!

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