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Say Hello to the Nice Guy – TBT Post 06.28.11

“If you want to confuse a woman, be everything she wants in a man.”~Unknown


Those are one of those quotes where as a woman, I’m unsure of how to react. Just as I want to raise one hand in the air and let out a, “You ain’t neva lie!” I just as quickly want to put both hands on my waist and say, “Heyyy, wait a minute what’s that supposed to mean?”

Of course I know what it means, I’ve been confused before.

I had just gotten out of a “non-confusing” relationship. You know, the typical kind where the dude is all bad, and you know it, but hope he proves you wrong anyway? Yeah, that kind. Well, I had finally hit my boiling point, bounced, and was all but ready to hop aboard the ho train. Destination: unknown. I just knew I was done being Misses Nice Girl … and then I just so happened to meet Mister Nice Guy. I was almost mad.

Meeting him was “easy like Sunday morning.” It felt so effortless. So natural. So refreshing. It was like waking up in a frantic state late for work then realizing it’s Saturday, and sliding back into bed and under the covers. And for a while it completely freaked me out. Because things like that never happened to me. I know it sounds shallow, but I never knew nice looking nice guys existed. It all seemed too good to be true.

And then there are those who hold truth to the aforementioned quote, and are confused because meeting a genuine man is like having tea with Sasquatch. It’s just a bunch of, “What the fuck is going on here?” The man respects her. He’s honest. He takes his time. He gives sincere compliments. He’s courteous, and even chivalrous, with no ulterior motives behind his actions. He’s nice to her because get this – he JUST is. And its got her looking around the room for Ashton Kutcher waiting to be Punk’d.

Well stop holding your breath and get used to it ladies, ‘cuz it should be a crime that you aren’t already. Good men may be hard to come by nowadays, but they do exist. “If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done,” right? So try to stop rejecting the unfamiliar and embrace it instead. Enjoy the hand holding, the non-explosive but breezy conversations, the spooning without the forking (it’s only temporary, swear!). Make positivity and a drama-free environment a part of your everyday routine.

You have to get used to the good guy, if you want to get used to the good guy. Because once you get used to him, you’ll never accept anything less. Like Jay-Z said,“When you’re used to filet mignon, it’s kinda hard to go back to hamburger helper.” Even if things with you and the unicorn don’t work out, at least you’ll have had a taste of how you should be treated, and I guarantee you’ll be hungry for more.

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