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November Faves.

I fucking love makeup. I don’t care what anyone says, the shit works wonders. But usually, I’m so lazy all I don’t even brush my hair in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti. It just takes so much effort, I don’t know how MAC employees do it! At any rate, I am still a sucker for beauty products. The three items below have been making me my fave beautiful and my life a lot easier.  Please feel free to share your current faves as well!

Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Wipes: I’ve sworn by my Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover for years now. And while it still does the job overall, I’ve been noticing lately that I still have mascara residue underneath my eyes even after using the remover, and washing my face. However, it could just be my insanely strong mascara that I’ve also raved about before. At any rate, while in NY I tried Ferl’s Aveno wipes and they surprisingly took off ALL MY EYE MAKEUP. I waited for some sort of sensitive skin reaction to follow too, but it never happened. I only used this product once, but the results were good enough for me to use them again. 


Beauty Blender Cleanser:  I’ve already professed my undying love to the actual Beauty Blender, but up until recently, I was just using soap and water to clean it *gasp*. Since the solid cleanser was the only one they had at the time, I purchased it keeping in mind that it will be easier to carry around while traveling. I have to say it does such an amazing job cleaning my blender. As long as I clean it right away, it gets off almost close to all of the foundation/concealer color on my sponge. It’s small, easy to clean, and best of all I can use it for my brushes too.

Sephora’s Microsmooth Foundation Face Powder: I went into Sephora after a blissful week in Hawaii with the intention of purchasing some Bare Minerals products. Whenever I’m tan, I want to wear as little makeup as possible. And if it wasn’t for my uneven skintone, I wouldn’t wear any at all. Since I’m usually oiler than usual in the summertime, I also opt for a powder as opposed to a tinted moisturizer. Diane at the Sephora in Stonestown suggested I try their Sephora brand powder that has very similar (if not better) effects, and is cheaper. I’ve been using it since, and love it. It looks very natural in pictures, yet I still have good coverage.

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