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No Secret There.

I have a secret to tell you.

She doesn’t like you, she’s just bored.

There. I said it. Please don’t shoot the messenger, because you should be sending me flowers instead. Make them tulips while you’re at it, thanks. You text us to “watch a movie,” with the ulterior motive wanting to fuck, and we text you because … well, because we can.

Because it’s been five minutes since the other dude texted us and we’ve already lost interest. Because we’re waiting for our nails to dry. Because there’s nothing on TV. Because the noodles we’re boiling haven’t turned al-dente yet. Because we’re waiting for our ride. Because we’re waiting for the dryer to finish. Because the internet isn’t working. Because we refuse to text the person we actually like. Because we have nothing else better to do. Because we needed some attention. Because – we’re bored.


It could be because you’re the first person we think of when we wake up in the morning. Because you’re the very last person we think of before we go to bed at night. Because not a minute goes by without the thought of you. Because there’s no one else we’d rather text. Because we saw something that reminded us of you. Because you make us smile. Because you make us laugh. Because you make us happy. Because we wanted to. 

I have another secret to tell you. Girls can be fucking confusing.

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