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Music (Makes Me High) Mondaze

Oh Monday, we meet again. For many today marks the beginning of the end; the beginning of the work week, and the end of our lives. One thing that always helped me get through my 9-5 was music. There are certain songs that I rely on when I need to conquer a brain fart and get inspired. I asked a few friends what songs motivated or inspired them, below are some of their answers. Maybe they’ll help you get into your zone as well.

Evan (designer) Lil Wayne – 1000 Degrees

Miss Lawn (creative director) The Clash

Kris Yee (student) Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow

Mike Baker the Bike Maker (emcee) Gang Starr – Mass Appeal

E$ (graphic designer) Talib Kweli – Quality album

Bad Aby (fashion designer) Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy

Darren “Bonecrusher” Uyenoyama (MMA fighter) Adele – Rolling in the Deep

And mine? I think I can just about ANYTHING when I listen to this instrumental.

What song gets you in the zone?

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