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Love the Way You Lie.

You lie to me, I lay under you.

You tell me how much you like me and I don't know what to do.

I make excuses for you to make excuses for myself.

I take too many shots when you're the one bad for my health.

I keep letting you do this to me,

I close my eyes and pretend not to see all that I see,

While you're fucking me

We're only going to talk.

Famous last words I said

I'm speaking with the wrong lips, you thinking with the wrong head.

Now here we are back in bed

I turn around and face the wall, so you don't see me cry

"What's wrong?" you ask

Reaching around my waist, hand sliding up my thigh

"Nothing," I lie

I look around and wonder who else has been in this room.

Does she wonder about me? Does she even have a clue?

Does she do to you all the things that I do?

Or am I the only fool?

I tell myself I'm special, because it's a Saturday night

Bitch, are you stupid? Bitch, are you blind?

But in my mind,

You're into me not just inside of me

Then, I realize I'm fucking dumb as I'm about to cum

Because the only bigger liar than you, is me

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