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Let It Linger.

I still have on one of your white tees. The last one you let me borrow although I have three currently washed and folded on top of my hamper. I've decided that I'm going to wear it until your smell runs out. Anything to let it linger, anything to squeeze out the last bits of you.

You don't think this makes sense. To "give up" while there's still so much love there.

But I rather "let go" while we still care,

Than let it linger and fizzle

That, I just can't bear.

"I can't risk being optimistic"

"I don't have room for anxiety"

The abandonment issues got to me.

It's not impossible, I just need reassurance.

Are we sure we want to do this?

I've loved you since Las Vegas, neither of us knew.

But if I could, I would breathe the words into you while I suck your soul out of you

I'd whisper it up and down your neck and let it linger behind your ear,

Just a little bit.

Just long enough for you to hear

That I will secretly hold on to you.

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