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If Love Was Enough – TBT 08.05.09

Whoever said “love is all u need,” must not have been in a relationship.

‘Cuz if love were enough. I’d still be with him. And he’d still be with her. And she’d be with him … and u’d probably still be with her. They’d be married by now, they would’ve never broke up. And they wouldn’t be filing for divorce.

If love were enough, there’d be no chocolate covered strawberries, over-sized balloons and heart shaped Valentine’s or red and white teddy-bears. There’d be no “I’m sorry,” bouquets or late night dedications on the radio. And Boys II Men would’ve never had to get down On Bended Knee.

If love were enough, there wouldn’t be lonely Friday nights with nothing to do and no one to kiss and no necks to smell and no arms to hug and no nooks to fill. No empty rooms or cold sides of the bed. No tear soaked pillows and more houses would be homes. The months would feel like weeks. The weeks would fly by. The days wouldn’t drag. The hours wouldn’t stand still. The minutes would pass. And the seconds wouldn’t kill – If love were ever enough.

If love were enough, I would’ve been the key to lock all ur insecurities. Sex wouldn’t matter and kisses would suffice. Text messages, emails, instant messages, voicemails, picture captions, or status comments wouldn’t mean a thing. A hello would mean hello and not “Let’s go out on a date,” and a goodbye would mean goodbye, and not “See u later tonight.”

If love were enough you wouldn’t care right now. Where he goes or who she talks to. What he’s doing or who just made her laugh. Why he gets lined up every week now and why she suddenly started going to the gym. U wouldn’t look outside ur window hoping her car will be there and u wouldn’t open ur front door seeing his imaginary face.

If love were enough, it wouldn’t hurt so bad. Matter fact, it wouldn’t hurt at all. You wouldn’t ever need to understand or compromise or swallow ur pride or take something back or feel bitter, disrespected, or betrayed. Life wouldn’t seem so unfair and shit would JUST FUCKING WORK OUT for once. Things would be so simple. You wouldn’t have to worry about taking sides, or mutual friends, child custody battles, joint accounts, or the puppy u left behind. Her clothes wouldn’t be strewn all over ur room, and his scent wouldn’t linger in the air – If love were enough.

The past wouldn’t exist and the future would be irrelevant if love were enough. You wouldn’t envy that couple, u’d BE that couple if love were enough. “I’m done,” and “I can’t do this anymore,” and “We can work this out,” and “Please don’t leave me” and “What am I going to do now?” wouldn’t exist if love were enough. We’d still be best friends if love were enough. I wouldn’t be writing this if love were enough. You wouldn’t be reading this if love were enough. But. Love is never enough.

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