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Home is Where The Hurt Is.

There are four global issues that I am especially passionate about: the environment, animals (esp. polar bears and pitbulls), cancer, and children. Because for the most part, those targeted are innocent victims that had no say in anything.

Sometime last week I finally got around to watching the Kony 2012 Youtube video. I anticipated some Project X meets Ed hardy film project collabo, but in all honesty it was hard to be mad at it. Regardless of the fact that Jason Russell was recently detained for public intoxication (and allegedly masturbation), or that Invisible Children supposedly pockets almost half of it’s profit – the campaign did what it intended to do which was make Kony known. How many of you knew who he was prior to the video going viral? Exactly.

But just remember that innocent children are hurt everyday right in our own backyards. Below are a few examples. I missed out on the Kony train, but here is my meek attempt to raise awareness just the same.

Click on the image to read about Trayvon Martin’s tragic story. It’s one thing for a shooter to be set free due to “lack of evidence,” but for Zimmerman to not even have been detained is beyond me.

This video damn near made me cry. The saddest part is it happens everyday, and seems to just be getting worse. It almost makes me terrified to bring children into this world.

Oh, and this makes me cry. Everytime.

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