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Finders Keepers.

Years ago, I remember having a friend that dated a huge Warriors fan. Out of nowhere she began attending games regularly, spending hundreds of dollars on team apparel, and regurgitating random Baron Davis headlines in our conversations. Did I fail to mention that she didn’t even know who the Warriors were prior to meeting this dude? Or how about the fact that she thought basketball was boring? Needless to say, they stopped dating after a few months, and she never attended another GSW game again.

To a certain extent, we are all a product of our environment. From the events we attend, to the people we meet there. Depending on how important to our lives these people are, they can definitely have an influence on us. When a woman meets a man they’re interested in, they end up becoming interested in their interests too. The plus about this is  often times you get introduced to something you never knew you could like. Your world gets bigger. You meet new people, and learn new things.

However, I’ve seen plenty of girls acquire newfound obsessions over [insert random phase like Jay-Z or cross fit here], solely to impress the person they’re with and to be 100% honest – I don’t blame you. I once dated a football player in high school and even though I didn’t care for the sport, I obviously cared for him. Thus, I made a genuine attempt to educate myself on the sport. It was my first attempt at watching football, and it ended even quicker than our relationship. But if it weren’t for some of my exes, I wouldn’t be as well versed in music or have an affinity for muscle cars. Getting into something because your significant other likes it is pretty standard in relationships. It’s when his life becomes your life, that I start to cringe.

Sometimes women tend to forget about what’s important to them, because they’re so busy trying to be what’s important to their man. The things you once loved get overshadowed by how much you love him, and those dancing shoes start to collect dust. Or you haven’t ran the lake in months. Or the last time you picked up a paintbrush there was still snow on the ground. I’m all for supporting new endeavors of others, just make sure you don’t lose yourself, while trying to find a man. 

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