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Balls. Just BALLS.

While everyone is eagerly anticipating this Sunday’s Niner vs. Seahawks game, I am still reveling over this 3-pointer from Curry during last Friday’s game against the Celtics. Iggy was on fire that night, and with his other two buzzer beaters I knew the winning shot would be between him and Curry. I’m glad he’s improving as a clutch player, and Boston didn’t make use of those last two seconds. I suppose I’ll consider buying a Curry jersey soon. I said I’ll think about it (If you’ve been reading my blog, you know why I’m hesitant lol). Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always rooted for the home team, and will (unwillingly) admit that I enjoy watching football more this season than last. But for the most part I just show up. Drink beer. Clap. And fuck shit up.

Is it April yet?

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