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A Letter to Stephen Curry – TBT Post 04.14.10

Dear Stephen Curry,

You’re kinda beautiful. And do I even need to acknowledge the fact that along with Monta you carry the entire team on your back? I was there when you made that triple double. But instead of wanting to straddle you like I normally want to do when a sexy athlete dominates his game … I wanted to give you a cookie and pat you on the head like a proud mom.

This makes me very upset.

And it pains me to say this but. It’s just that. Well. Even I have my limits. And when I look at your face, I don’t want to shove it under my skirt – I want to pinch your cheeks. When I watched you score your 42nd point against Portland today, I told my roommate how adorable you looked. ADORABLE? I can’t lust over someone I call adorable?! (Can I?) And to be real honest with you, whenever you play with your mouthguard, I want to slap your hands and send you to your room with no supper.

So I think it’s safe to say, you are one ‘lil cub that is safe from my den. *SIGH* Please tell the ladies of CFAC (Cougars for a Cause) that I will graciously step down from my throne. Thanks ‘lil buddy.

Love, Me

He STILL looks like this baby picture. UGH. I wanna call the cops on my ass for even thinking about it lol.

I < 3 SF

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