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A House Is Not A Home.

Without love, laughter, and a little (or a lot) of flava! Next to fashion, I love interior design. Pretty much anything that involves vision and creativity floats my boat. I’m anticipating my very first apartment in NY (finally), and even though I’m getting way ahead of myself, I couldn’t help but put together an idea board for rooms in the house.

For the living room, I took inspiration from the homies at The Brooklyn Circus. I’ve always loved their store in Japantown looked, and knew I’d want a similar feel for my place one day. Since I’m not the girliest person on the planet and one of my roommates is a guy anyway, I thought this vintage, cigar bar feel would appease everyone. With a color palette of earth tones, and a tribute to music and writing, I think it’s the perfect combination. P.S. I love the usage of old cigar boxes as storage containers for things like the remote, and coasters and such.

Click after the jump to see where the magic happens 😉

Originally, I envisioned a room of just black, white, grey, and dark purple. Then, I realized it was too muted for me. Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I can be pretty loud when it comes to colors. Although I’ve toned it down a lot, I still love bright, bold pops of color. Thus, I added teal and hot pink to the color palette. NY apartments are tiny, so I did take space into consideration and only focused on three key furniture items asides from the bed, which are the vanity, mirror armoire, and dresser. To save space, I’m thinking of mounting shelves on the wall for my books and keepsakes. And I’ll definitely have to pay homage to the place where I live (NY) and the place where I love (SF) with skyline decals on the wall.

Bedroom by doowaditty featuring belts

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