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I knew two people who had crushes on each other throughout college. While it was obvious there was something there, it never went past comedic flirting. Everyone anticipated that they would end up together, and after several relationships, flings and bouts of jealousy, they finally did. However, it was short-lived and ill willed. I had lunch with my homie shortly after, and he compared their relationship to a restaurant menu.

“You know how you see something good on the menu, but you never get around to trying it? Then you finally order it, and it’s not what you expected? Yeah, that was her,” he said.


I had to commend the both of them for trying despite the high potential of jeopardizing their friendship. And I really couldn’t blame him for wanting a taste. She was beautiful, smart and talented. Funny, generous and sweet. The seemingly perfect ingredients for an ideal girlfriend. But just because something sounds like a good idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is one. “One more shot!” always seems like an amazing idea … until you’re hungover during a board meeting the next day.

The truth is, just because someone’s a good friend, it doesn’t mean they’d make a good boyfriend/girlfriend. And just because someone looks good on paper, it doesn’t mean they’ll get the job done right. I’ve had a few meals that looked delicious, but came out bland. At the same time, I’ve had just the opposite. The same thing goes for people and dating. Unfortunately, you’ll never know until you get a little taste.

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