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Stranger in My House.

Isn't it strange, how two people in love can go from sharing their deepest, darkest fears and biggest, brightest dreams with each other, to being complete strangers overnight? How you can spend four Christmas's with each others families and then block each other on social media. How you can remember every inch of their body - every single freckle, scar, and birthmark, then forget they ever existed.

I thought it was strange that you started taking two-hour baths. You'd bring in your phone and your laptop, you even started working in there. I would wait in the living room, feeling so alone just a few feet away. Just on the other side of the wall, yet worlds away.

I thought it was strange that you started going to the range more frequently. And fishing. And visiting your parents. And not answering my calls. Or texts. You used to always pick up. You used to always reply. Remember when we used to Facetime everyday? And then slowly, but surely time just erased your face.

I thought it was strange that you preferred to sleep in the living room, away from me. You might've been even more excited to be in the bed without me. I would stare at the empty spot next to me and at night and miss you hogging the covers and me hogging the bed. Strange how without you there, I stayed on my side. You stopped kissing me, hugging me, and ultimately, loving me.

Isn't it strange, how we're strangers now?

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