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So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It – Throwback Thursday Post 12.27.10

Women may be from Venus and men might be from Mars but I promise u there’s a little planet somewhere in between where they meet up, have drinks, and procreate. Because believe it or not – we are a lot more similar than we think, or at least would like to admit.

Men lie. Women lie. Men steal. Women steal. Men gossip (don’t let them tell you any different either). Women gossip. Men fuck. Women fuck. Men cheat. Women cheat (don’t let us tell you any different either). But while we may do a lot of the same things, a lot of the time we do it for different reasons.

And one of these “different reasons” is what I like to call, insurance. Yes as in car, and house, and life. Except this type is for your ego, and sanity, and heart. Because you should never leave home without it, and because after a woman’s been hurt so many times she’ll go to unconventional, unfair, unorthodox, and yes STUPID extremes to “protect” herself.

Like going out on dates with idiots she has no interest in, knowing damn well it won’t top the amazing dinner she just went on with Mr. Wonderful. Like keeping 2 other dudes on the payroll to prevent from giving 100% of herself to just one dude even though he’s soooo money. Or like kissing someone when they’re crazy about someone else just so she feels like she’s one step ahead of them. Just so in case somewhere down the line, he fucks her over, at the very least she can say, “It’s aite. ‘Cuz remember that one time …”

FUCKING RIDICULOUS RIGHT? I agree. But I also unfortunately understand. Women don’t do this shit ‘cuz they want to. They do it ‘cuz they feel like they HAVE to. Because they believe that if it seems too good to be true, it is. That they’ll find a way to fuck it all up anyway. Or that even if he is a good man … he’s STILL a man and men are bound to stray eventually. Hey, I never said it made it OK. I never said it was justified, I’m just sayin … However, I also understand that partaking in this type of immature, insecure behaving can result in being your own cock block and losing what could possibly be the best thing to ever walk into your life with an amazing smile that STILL makes you melt, and eyes you can see your future together in. It can result in you being unhappy and alone.

So how about a quote from me to you. Some insurance. Write it down or embed it in your brain so that like a good neighbor or sister or best friend or even blog, it’ll always be there: “YOU ARE EXQUISITE. AND YOU ARE THE ONE.” If not for him, for someone else. So no matter what happens, YOU WILL BE OK. If you want to go out on dates. If you want to kiss someone else. If you want to have one last hoorah, go right on ahead. But do it because … you WANT to. Not because you’re paranoid. Or scared. Or jaded. ‘Cuz in this case, only YOU are liable for the damage that may potentially be done.”

Now can I get a hot tub?!

#love #loveinsurance #relationships #womenarefromvenusmenarefrommars

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