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Niner Gang.

Congratulations to all you Niner Faithfuls on last Saturday’s win! My friends know that I am NOT a football fan, but EVERYONE knows I put on for my city. I’ve come to realize that football is probably the most celebrated sport here in the United States. I met up with a friend at Finnerty’s 1.5 hours before kick off and they were already at capacity and had a line down the block! Even the SF Giants World Series wasnt like that. But we ended up about 6 blocks away at a bar called Plug Uglies  along with the rest of the Finnerty’s rejects, and had a blast. Even caught the end of the Ravens x Broncos game, which almost made me like football. Almost.

At any rate, it was a great game. Kaepernick can get it. And so can Smith. Until next weekend!

Credit to Brant Ward of the SF Chronicle

Lisa, Lisa!

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