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Distance Shmistance.

I’ve never been in a long distance relationship, (unless you count SF – Sac) but I’m aware of the perils of one. I’ve heard one of the worst disadvantages is not being able to do the little things most couples experience in their everyday lives. Watching a movie, dropping off lunch, and Target trips are amongst these things. Ugh, I fucking love Target trips. I could go on and on about the struggles of dating someone a plane ride or road trip away,  but I’ve been fortunate enough to know of four successful LDRs – two of which resulted in marriage. So instead, I’ll write about the advantages of LDRs.

  1. You actually *gasp* get to know the other person: You kind of have no choice BUT to. Weeks of texting, phone calls and online chatting enable you to really delve into their mind, and recognize little things that may go unnoticed otherwise. While nothing beats deep, face to face conversations, you can still learn a lot from someone in those moments while they’re on their way to work in the morning, or waiting for their ride. One of them being, you are who they’re thinking of throughout the day.

  2. You can’t be a ho: At least not with them. If you can’t go out on a first date with them just yet, you can’t fuck them after the first date just yet either. Intimacy over sex always, but temptation is a bitch and we all know how  much I enjoy sex. Distance prevents you from fucking the other person after only a week of meeting them. Even if you do have sex with them after the first date, more than likely a good month, 3,874 texts messages, 15 Skype sessions , and 10 phone calls have already been made. That counts as two dates already right? No? Someone? Am I doing it wrong?

  3. You have your own life: Don’t get me wrong, you should have your own life regardless. But a long distance relationship obviously allow more time for your friends, family and most of all – yourself.

  4. You are tested: Trust. Effort. Loyalty. Compromise. Dedication. All of that. These are values hard to obtain living under the same roof, what more miles apart? Like they say, it won’t be easy. But it will be even more worth it.

  5. You have a greater sense of appreciation: For everything really. The petty things some couples fight about will seem exactly that – petty. You’ll value the time you spend together so much, that there will be no room to argue. Sure the good-byes will get harder, but the hello’s will get better. And if missing each other is your biggest problem? It’s not that bad of a problem to have. 

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