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Crazy is the New Black – TBT 07.28.11

The other day Bereolaesque tweeted “Don’t mistake insecurity with woman’s intuition.” I don’t even know how he looks but he can GET IT on that line alone. All joking aside I’m glad a man not only recognized it but put it out there as well, because we all know that if a woman had done it she would’ve been considered … duh, insecure.

Jozen wrote about how calling a woman crazy is just as bad if not worse than calling her a bitch here, and I wrote about how crazy isn’t really “crazy” if it’s justified here. The trend seems to be; crazy is synonymous with insecure and being insecure has misleadingly become synonymous with being intuitive.

In 6 “Pyscho” Things Women Do That Are Actually Pretty Reasonable, Scott Alden pretty much tells men who use crazy as the new scapegoat to “Calm the fuck down.” Crazy has evolved from poking holes in the condom to trap someone to simply mentioning we want to have kids in the future. Because of course that means we want to have them with you, even though it’s only our first date and we kinda rather be at the gym instead. Apparently, using crazy as a scapegoat is the new black. You know, I’ve always liked the color black. It’s flattering and looks good on everyone.

See, I have no problem with a man thinking or calling a woman crazy. Let’s keep it one hundred here; some females are fucking LOCA. Even the chicks steady on cruise control can go from zero to “Holy shit, this bitch is nuts” mph if taken down the wrong road. What I do have a problem with is men calling women crazy just to warrant them acting crazy themselves i.e., “I told my girl I was having dinner with my parents but really went to fuck my ex. The crazy bitch got suspicious and showed up at my ex’s house!” What I have an even bigger problem with is when women fall for the manipulative bullshit, and second-guess themselves i.e., “I was wrong to follow my instincts, it’s my fault I caught him cheating.” ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?

Ladies, be stupid in love. Be stupid in lonely. But don’t be stupid in stupidity. Don’t right someone else’s wrong if it means compromising your beliefs. Beliefs that are actually facts. It allows men to continue to use the crazy card as a cop out instead of taking responsibility for their actions and its reactions. Now that’s fucking crazy.

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