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Both male and female friends are constantly asking for my opinion on fun, and unique dates. Not because I’m a dating deity (only two men have ever taken me out on a date) but because I’m creative, and know how to have a good time. So here are a few suggestions, date tested and Abi approved.

  1. The Museum: I love art, but I’m not much for standing in silence and staring at it. So I prefer natural history museums, places where I can be involved with the actual exhibits and get some sort of hands on experience. Thankfully, SF has both the Academy and the Exploratorium and they both offer a “nightlife” option which basically means alcohol, music, and no snotty nosed kids running around causing you to spill your vodka-cranberry on yourself. Trick luh the kids, just not during a date. Not too sure what it is that women love about museum dates, but staring at an aquarium larger than life in a dimly lit room and having your crush sneak over to hold your hand kinda makes us want to DIE.

  2. A Game: Obviously, I have my baseball/basketball preference but as long as one party is a fan and the other is curious, a sporting event is always a good time in my book. It’s low-maintenance, and the atmosphere is so chill it takes away from any potential awkwardness that may stem from a typical candlelit dinner. There’s stuff going on, but a conversation can still be carried in between runs or dunks or tackles or goals, etc.  It’s also a good way to see if your future gf/bf has any anger management issues they need to deal with. And if your date doesn’t like sports? Well, then you shouldn’t be dating them, hmph!

  3. Amusement Parks/Fairs: I know for first dates, you’re supposed to do something that involves a lot of “getting to know each other” time, which is why coffee dates are popular. But come on. What better way to know the person you’re out with than by the way he or she screams or doesn’t scream like a little bitch on a roller coaster? I get that you’re supposed to talk and communicate and all that shit but fuck, what ever happened to dates being FUN? Amusement parks provide food, entertainment, and a little competition if you’re into carnival games like I am. Beautiful day at the park, and a fireworks show at night? Oh yeah, it’s a WRAP.

  4. Extracurricular activities: Ice skating, miniature golf, indoor rock climbing/sky-diving, etc. It can be as intense or as laid back as you want it to be, depending on how much you mind sweating or making muscle strain faces in front of your date. A good place to hit up is a Malibu type spot where there’s go kart racing, video games, and miniature golf all in one. I know it sounds like such high school activities, but who doesn’t want to feel like they’re having a teenage romance in their late twenties? Life is so SERIOUS most of the time, and I”m all about having fun when the time is right … and sometimes even when it’s not.

While these date suggestions aren’t exactly “one of a kind,” they’re still refreshing and stray away from the typical dinner and a movie date. Although, I will have to say that dinner and a movie is still one of my favorites as well. To be really honest though, it doesn’t matter where you go, more so WHO you go there with.

My new friend. I named him Koopa.

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