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Your Boyfriends Favorite Guilty Pleasure.

The other week, the homie and ass kicker extraordinaire Darren posted this on Instagram and Facebook:


Soon after, it received a few comments from other male readers admitting that my blog was their guilty pleasure (I’ll take it!). And soon after that, my friend Camacho asked me to write about why men read GATNB. Quite honestly, asides from on Wednesdays *ahem* I have no idea why they do, I’m just they do to begin with.

I had no idea what I wanted to call this blog when I originally started it. I just knew that I wanted it to appeal to both male and female readers, so Diary of An Angry Brown Woman was out of the question. And while I was going to write about the issues females go through, I still wanted men to be able to relate to it somehow. I even debated on the name Cupcakes and Blunts, something sweet and something … well, blunt. However, I didn’t think it would read well on my resume. Besides, I rarely smoke weed. Alas, time was running out, so after my girl Laur posted a picture on FB of a shirt that read: Girls Are The New Boys, in haste I registered it and never looked back.

Girls Are The New Boys, because I was a tomboy when I was little. Although that phase ended by the time I reached middle school, I still ran with the boys without ever letting them run up in me (a concept catty bitches NEVER UNDERSTOOD). Growing up, I was always seen as one of the boys, and even now it’s not rare to find me on a road trip with four of my homies talking about baseball, ass, and The Walking Dead.

Would I rather be a dude? No. Do I think women are better than men? No? LOL, I kid. I still cry during weddings, feel my heart hurt when I see the man I love with another woman, and want to shoot up malls when I’m on my rag. I just think that because of my upbringing, I’m able to talk about issues that normally wouldn’t interest men, in an objective, less threatening, and maybe even entertaining way. I’m sure it also helps them to know that women also like sex, stare at tits, and drink obscene amounts of beer just like them. That’s why I think men read my blog. As to why they actually do? You tell me.

Camacho said he knew nothing about women, implying that my blog helps him understand some of us a little bit better. Don’t worry bro, I promise when I tell you that most of the time we don’t understand us either.  

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