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you can do anything but not everything.

I’ve always despised people who say, “Let me check my calendar” when making plans. Like, should I have my people call your people while we’re at it? Naturally, I am now one of those people. I just scheduled brunch for January 21, 2018. This isn’t because I’m insanely busy or super popular, I just know when to say no

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a passenger on the Hotmess Express when it comes to adulting. I still have my anxiety, my depression and my meltdowns. Thus, I go hard for the parts of my life I am actually able to control. 

Call me an underachiever. I value doing “nothing”, I relish alone time, and I don’t mind gaps of inactivity on my calendar. Maybe this is why I’m not as accomplished as most people my age, but maybe this is also why I’m not as burnt out as most people my age. 

Growing up we were always taught to hustle hard, and sleep when we’re dead. Now, companies have meditation rooms and the US has an official day devoted to mental health. So how am I supposed to achieve my goals while taking care of myself, when every second spent not honing your craft sets you behind the competition? 

#ItsCalledBalanceJust be aware that everyone’s scale has a different setting. So work hard, but work smart when you can. It can be hard turning down people and projects, but maybe it’s not necessarily about the art of saying “No”, but knowing when to say, “No, not right now”. 


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