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You Better WORK!

I’ve gotten 2 FormSpring questions asking what my gym routine and eating regimen was and just had to answer because I’ll probably never get asked this ever again! ‘Cuz usually I’m the one in the corner stuffing her face with deep fried oreos and a Big Mama special from Roscoe’s. So here it is. My schedule is pretty lenient, which is fine for my body type, but it may not work for everyone. And here’s ur big fat disclaimer: I AM NOWHERE NEAR BEING A FITNESS GURU so read at ur own discretion lol.


  1. I go every other day, unless I have a really good excuse not to go. Meaning, “But the Grammys are on!” isn’t one of them. If I go less than 3 times a week I feel like shit.

  2. I alternate my workouts as suggested by … well everyone else that goes to the gym lol. So one day I’ll work on abs and legs, and then another arms and back, etc. etc. But I always start with 10-20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, and end with 10-15 minutes on the stair machine (i LOVE this machine, but it’s not for the uncoordinated)

  3. It helps to have a trainer. It’s not necessary but it helps a lot. Especially for someone like me that has no idea wtf she’s doing most of the time. Saturdays are when I have a trainer. And when I say trainer, I really mean buffed friend that knows his shit, is serious about the gym, that is immune to my whining and puppy-dog eyes begging for mercy lmao.

  4. In addition to cardio and using the machines, I try to add other “fun” elements like pilates and yoga. Trying anti-gravity yoga this weekend!

  5. As far as the specific exercises, I do a lot but it’s kind of hard to explain so I’ll only mention the ones I don’t sound like a tard describing:

  6. I loooove circuit training, especially when it involves ab work. My favorite one so far involves 3 reps of the following: 10 burpees, followed by 10 v-ups (where ur hands are grabbing ur partners ankles so that they can push back down ur legs, creating resistence), and then 10 scissor kicks to top it off.

  7. There’s a machine at the gym that I call “The Gang-bang,” ‘cuz u have to lay on ur stomach, face down ass up, and u put ur ankles under this bar thingy and basically use ur thighs to lift the weights. The next day, when ur walking funny u’ll realize why I call it the “Gang-bang.”

  8. If u have no clue, YouTUBE some exercises. Just make sure to remember them once u gtet to the gym lol.


I’m not dieting. Just eating better. And all of it is redundant shit u’ve been told so I’ll try to simplify it as much as I can ‘cuz it’s rather simple. But yall should already know, the trick to having a bangin body is just as much if not MORE what u eat (or rather don’t eat) as it is working out.

  1. I have recently made the decision to cut back on rice. GAH! I’m Filipina, I’m sure it’s against the law. So if anything only brown rice or only rice on my “cheat days”

  2. I’ve given myself 2 cheat days a week, which end up being the weekends. However, I’ve been only doing 1 day for the past few weeks. Pat, pat, patting myself on the back.

  3. Lots and lots of water. No soda. I’m gonna try no juice either. What I need to do is NO ALCOHOL lol.

  4. Little things like snacking on fruit instead of chips, taking out the mayo in certain meals, and choosing a vinigarette over thousand island.

  5. Lots of veggies, chicken (skinless), and fish!

  6. Smaller portions but more meals. It’s a fair compromise 🙂

OK, that’s it. I’m really boring when it comes to talking about this stuff but I hope it answers all your questions! Do work! And if anyone has any other tips please share them with all of us!

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