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Wrong Kind of Right.

Whoever said doing the “right” thing feels better, must have never done the right thing before. Because I still sit here wondering what went wrong as hot tears fall from my face and into my lap. Wondering what I did, or what I didn’t do. And just. Wondering.

They say you’re not a good person if you only do good deeds with the expectation of having something good happen to you in return. I agree, but for the love of God – CUT ME SOME FUCKING SLACK. I’m tired. Tired of falling for the potential good in people. A good I made up in my head. It never fails to end badly that way.

Karma grants favors to no one. 

But I guess I could feel worse, like all those other times I did the “wrong” thing. And in hindsight, I suppose I’ll be grateful for it all. Hell, it might even start to make sense. If only being good didn’t feel so bad.

Because bad things happen to good people. And good things happen to bad people. Shit. Just. Happens. Unfortunately, what I usually see happen is what is happening now. Alas, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.” I just wish doing the right thing didn’t always end up with someone getting left.

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