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When I left for New York, there was never a moment where I wanted to back out. Never. When I was scared, usually all it took were the comforting words of friends or the deafening sounds of my dreams to push forward. One thing that always resonated, were those who said “San Francisco will always be here, it will always be the same”. What they didn’t know was once you left your comfort zone, things would never be the same.

Nothing will ever be enough, and you will never keep still. Because once you see just a little glimpse of the world beyond your circle of friends and 49 square-feet of familiarity,  you will always want to see more. You will realize that every risk you take only exposes you to more possibilities and opportunities that can change your life forever. And you will be humbled as FUCK.

Right now I’m looking out the same window I sat by for months prior to moving, but my heart no longer feels heavy. I walk the same hilly streets, but in a different direction. And I stare at the same sunset in the Sunset, but with a different outlook on life.

You see, the city may still be the same – but you won’t be.

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