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Wonderful Weekend in Pictures

After a week of grinding it out at the gym and behind the computer, I kicked off the weekend Friday with Rach and Q at Sega’s holiday party at Temple then topped it off with Talladega Nights. Saturday a few friends and I had dinner at Trace, the new restaurant inside the W hotel. Then, it was all about Wonderful at the Mezzanine for the rest of the night. The place was packed with a few of my closest friends as well as 1,000 others, and we were dancing until 3:30 in the morning! Definitely doing it again. Hope everyone had as wonderful of a weekend as I did, more pics from the Mezzanine below!

Dinner, drinks, and orgasms at the W.

Me and Nag-Champa (wearing Hellz Manifesto tights, Foreign Exchange top, F21 bracelet and ring, and Melody Ehsani Matrix earrings)

Wonderful night. Wonderful friends. Wonderful life @ The Mezzanine for Wonderful

My Cherie Amours

Funky sock orgy.

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