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I just got done watching this clip from an episode of Sex and the City. I own season 5 and 6, and the movie itself on dvd. Slowly going to complete my SATC collection. If u couldn’t tell – I love the show. But after watching this clip I was reminded of how immature, crazy, and downright stupid Carrie acted sometimes. I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud and blurt, “What an idiot.” Big was an asshole. Yet Carrie was in love with him. Been there, done that. But here he was, having one of his very FEW un-asshole moments where he was being honest with her and what does she do? Throw a goddamn hissy-fit and waste a perfectly good filet-o-fish. One thing many women ask for is honesty – yet when they get it, they act like this.

Now wonder men lie. Not that this type of behavior justifies dishonesty but SHIT, I understand completely. And yes, I can talk shit and say these things because I was exactly the same way. I once kept a guy that I was dating outside of my house and held him for hostage until he finally agreed to work things out, all while his car was double parked in the middle of the street. HELLO, as if that wasn’t a big enough sign to tell me all he wanted to do was drop off my dvd and BOUCNE the fuck outta there. So when I yell at my screen while watching these old episodes of SATC, I’m pretty much yelling at myself. This is the thing. When I was in those unhealthy relationships I felt for some retarded reason that it was absolutely necessary to be dramatic. I felt that if maybe I yelled or screamed or made a scene – the person I was unecesarilly arguing with would magically agree with me and then the hot, passionate makeup sex would commence.


Shit just got worse and I ended up looking even more stupid than I felt. The screaming matches outside the club, the immature MySpace comments putting the triflin asshole on blast when really I was just puttin MYSELF on blast. God, I’m ashamed just writing about it. It was one thing to do it, understandable in fact ‘cuz we do some crazy things when acting on impulse full of emotional adrenaline but what made it totally FOR SHAME was almost always I would give in and let this guy who I was just calling a loser back into my life. Just because I was the one calling him names and fighting I thought I was in control. But really, I was just giving him more credit than he deserved and making myself look bad. Now I know that I am sooo much better than that. Ladies – u are so much better than that.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s u cannot make another person love u. U cannot force them to be with u. And there’s no type of reasoning u can give to make them change their mind. Big was straight up telling Carrie the deal up there and whether or not he was being a coward and running away from how he truly felt, no woman OR man for that matter should ever get mad at someone just because they don’t want to be with them.

Why would u want to be with someone who just flat out told u they didn’t want to be with u anyway?

Carrie’s a moron. Not necessarily because she threw her “le McDonalds” at the tv but because of the reason she threw it. Because Big told her not to uproot her life just for him and expect something in return. I think it was the most honest and fair thing he had ever said or done. Same reason Summer is not a villain in the movie, “500 Days of Summer.” It’s the same exact concept. So all u delusional men who gave me heat for that movie but think Carrie was acting irrational in that clip up there – take off the lace panties NOW ‘cuz it’s cutting off the circulation to ur brain.

OK. I’m going astray. My real point is, love, like, relationships, marriage, etc. etc. should happen on its own. When u force it, it either doesn’t happen, pushes it away, or isn’t genuine. But if u simply MUST act a fool (‘cuz Lord knows the only way I learned was to fuck up first) please for the love of God, throw a dish or a vase instead. That way u can grub on ur burger on the way home from ur mans apartment after the fight and eat the pain away.

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