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White Collar Brawler.

A big assumption the ladies have back home, is that New York is one big old Beyonce Soldier music video. As if everywhere you look there’s some brolic Puerto Rican dude in Tims and a fitted Yankees hat smoking a Black and Mild on a stoop, or some fine-ass shirtless black guy that just so happens to be working out on the corner. Even if that is kinda accurate, it doesn’t mean they’re not as ugly on the inside as the assholes in Cali, but that’s besides the point.

What I’ve discovered living here for the past five months is New York has the most handsome service men I’ve ever seen. I currently have a crush on the doorman at my boss’s apartment building, and don’t even get me started on the FedEx drivers round town. Signed, sealed, delivered I’M YOURS BOO. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some handsome suit-and-tie motherfuckers walking down Wall Street, but they are far and few. When it comes to physical attraction, I tend to want to leave my  lipstick marks on blue-collars.

The problem I have is I want a blue collar looking man with a white collar job. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t date a garbage man. It’s a respectable job, and I came to New York jobless and broke so I am not one to judge. However, I’m into a lot of different things and can easily adapt from a business luncheon Uptown to a Nas concert Downtown. I need a man that can do the same. Someone cultured, but not afraid to throw down if necessary. One that prefers driving his car, but isn’t too proud to take the train with me. He might be fluent in coding, but he definitely understands me when I say, “Suh-lappen-da-bass”. He’s familiar with international affairs, but also knows about that hole in the wall Dominican joint with the chicken under heat lamps in Marcy. To make it easier on y’all, I guess you can say I need someone who can go from the block to the boardroom … to my bedroom.

I’ll probably have better luck finding the last of the Mohicans. Honestly, I just want someone who has their shit together, but is into the same extracurricular activities as me. If that’s the case, then they can wear a purple collar for all I care.

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