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When the Honeymoon is Over.

The "honeymoon phase" is known as the stage of a relationship - usually in the beginning, where two people are intensely, inconveniently, and healthily obsessed with each other. It usually consists of non-stop communication, affection and sex. How long this initial phase lasts varies from person to person, but it can run from anywhere between three months to two years with the average being six months - at least according to my Instagram polls. Whatever the case, your stay on Cloud 9 "should" last longer than 1 month.

Some can argue that the honeymoon phase is merely an unsustainable infatuation. Whatever it is, it's highly coveted on tv screens, poems, songs, and in my very own heart. Infatuation or not, I believe everyone deserves to feel this way at least once in their life. But what happens when the dopamine is gone and your serotonin levels are back to normal? Does that mean the relationship is over? Does it mean you actually have to converse with your partner instead of make googly eyes at each other and have sex all day?

For some, it's realizing that the two of you actually have nothing in common. It's discovering that your goals and lifestyles don't align. It's looking at this mouth that once made you writhe in ecstasy and wishing it would just go down on you, because it actually doesn't have anything meaningful to say.

It can also mean the best is yet to come. For others, it means the next chapter of the same love story. It's clearing out the smoke and breaking down the mirrors to see your partner for all the pain and beauty they encompass. It's potentially falling out of love, and mindfully choosing your partner. What happens after the honeymoon is over? You celebrate your anniversaries.

The honeymoon phase doesn't even come closer to the level of bliss a couple can experience when they commit to doing the work and co-creating a partnership that is rooted in truth~Rising Woman

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