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What am I?

Intimacy. Licking your brain, while massaging mine. Exploring you inside and out. Becoming one then two then one again. Feeling you. Tasting you. Loving you. Lingerie and tailored suits, sundresses and basketball shorts. A deep exhale, a slow groan. A tickled moan. Beer kisses and a scratch on your belly. A beginning and an end. 

#writingwithRupi Today I participated in my second, online poetry workshop with the amazing Rupi Kaur. In this exercise, the prompt was to write the word “sex” (here, hold my beer). Then, we were to write all the words we associated with it. Then, we had to write about sex without using any of those words. We weren’t allowed to stop, or make edits. The whole process was stressful yet cathartic, and I was humbled at how many participants were such amazing writers. I hope you enjoy this little poem from someone that is not a poet.

For those of you still with me, the words I couldn’t use were: Man Woman Me Morning stretch Wit Garlic butter, bone marrow, uni pasta *shrugs* Ambition Power A good book

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