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Weekend in Pictures – Happily Ever After Edition

Hi. I’m tired. I guess three birthday parties, and a wedding will do that to you. Sorry I suck and didn’t post today but I had to give my brain a break. Apparently, I think too much. Who would’ve thought? Here’s some pics of the weekend in no particular order to hold you down for now. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Back to your regular scheduled program tomorrow.

"You a bad girl, and your friends bad too ..."

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Huynh!

City Hall Blues (for the Smurf's movie)

'Cuz the sexiest curve on a woman's body is her smile ... and her ass after she does lunges on the beach.

The Privilege is all mine.

Fried eggs over organic pork, cherry tomatoes, and ricotta salata aka A PARTY IN MY MOUTH.

Bastos Brunch @ Foreign Cinema

Egg white fritata for breakfast. 'Cuz I can never say no to room service.

#surfandturf #hennessyprivilege #organicporkchops #cityhallblue #friedeggs #foreigncinema

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