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Weekend in Pictures

I went to my very first (American) football game ever in life yesterday and I hate to say it, but football still puts me to sleep. SORRY. However, I am extremely happy for the Niners and all their fans on that NFC West win. The faithfuls ain’t no joke! I definitely want to catch a Sharks game before the seasons over, I heard they’re fun. Now if only Mark Jackson can do for the Dubbs, what Harbough is doing for the Niners.


The Red (and gold) Sea

Me and Glenn parking lot pimpin. P.S. Get your Gold Blooded gear at

More pics from the weekend after the jump!

Friday me and some of the ladies went to a 90s party at 330 Ritch. An interesting crowd to say the least, but good music and an awesome ride home. “It’s 5 o’clock in the morning …”

Me, Janet, and my pink ass bra w/ the BK Circus mascot.

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands and believe it or not stayed in that night. Felt AMAZING by the way. The highlight of my day was receiving a highly anticipated package in the mail!

This box along with a smaller plain one came in a pretty pink box with the same logo on top. I was just too lazy to upload another picture. About a year ago I spotted Melody Ehsani’s Matrix earrings and fell in love with them. I just don’t like spending more than $10 on jewelry especially if it’s not diamonds or gold. A year later though, I was still just as in love with them AND it was Black Friday so I was pretty much sold.

I especially love the charm hand detail! I’m all about the little things. Now I’m not sure if it ’tis the season or someone in shipping dun fucked up, but they also included a pair of Hologram earrings free of charge, holla!

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