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WARNING: More Baseball Talk

I’m so sorry for those of you not baseball fans who could give 2 shits about my beloved Giants (AHEM SCOTT) and are sick of my playoff banter, but it’s going to be like this until we win the World Series (yah I said it!). For the rest of you though, I just wanted to share this article written in todays Chronicle about “bandwagon” fans.

This is my opinion. As long as they are aware of it, then I really don’t care. The more fans the merrier. The more people sportin that orange and black and cheering in the fans and sports bars nationwide – then FUCK YEAH! I’ve been a fan since I was 4 (I think lol, I was too young to actually remember but I’m basing it on when my mom started working at this one retail store because it was her bosses that took me to my first games). But to be real honest with you, it wasn’t only until 2002 that I started paying attention to stats, etc. And it was only last month I learned about the “Magic #”.

Of course they have more fans during times like these. It’s like supporting someone in politics who has decided to run for congress. You may have been there their entire career, but when it comes to voting time your support will be more rampant and apparent. And everyone else who may not have been there from the gate, but want to vote for them as well are going to do the same. Or when you support a musical artist, you hella push them when they’re up for an award orrrr they’re dropping an album. OK none of that probably made sense but in my brain, before I typed it out, it sounded perfect lol.

When it comes down to it: Bandwagon fans are ok in my book. The ones in denial are annoying, but whatever who cares? I don’t. All I care about is the team. And for the first time in a while, it’s ABOUT A TEAM THIS SEASON. Not one specific person.

Perhaps Krukow said it best, “Bandwagon fans are basically fans that are afraid to get hurt again,” he said sympathetically. “They’ve been burned in the past.”

Well if you know me, you know I love playing with fire.

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