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Living in an era where everything you want to know but don’t want to ask someone can be Googled, organically meeting someone is realizing the two of you have 13 mutual friends on Facebook, and unlimited text messaging >>> unlimited minutes – it’s no wonder we think we know someone when we really don’t. I don’t know what happened but somewhere between hand-written letters and emails, Nokia’s and iPhones, and Friendster and Facebook – we forgot how to communicate.

So we turn off our cell phones to disconnect from the world, and re-connect with ourselves. We simplify by tossing out six gadgets that serve one purpose, and purchase one that serves 20. But sometimes these “simple” things make us forget about the really simple things in life. Ironically, modern technology has allowed us to conveniently keep in touch with people hundreds of miles away, yet remain out of touch with the person laying in bed next to you.

A girlfriend of mine spilled her gay to me over the weekend. She spoke of a handsome man with big, buffed arms that caressed her thigh in the most innocent and non-sexual manner. It of course made her clit clap. However, it made her heart standing ovay.

You know what I miss just as much if not more than being sexed? Being TOUCHED. And not in second base, or “Ayo green shirt you got a man?” kinda way either. I’m talking hand on chin, “Look at me beautiful,” or fingers on the small of my back at a party, “Hey, I’m here,” kinda way. I used to date this guy and sometimes while in bed I’d pretend to be asleep when I really wasn’t (duh), and a few times I caught him playing with my face. I know it sounds weird and very unromantic, but there was just something about the way he would playfully touch my cheek … that touched my heart. If I really like you, I’ll probably have sex with you. But if I really, really like you? I’ll wrap both my arms around your arm, sniff your shoulder, and then rest my head on it afterwards. Lemme guess, you rather just have me really like you only? lol.

Fine. I’m not going to sit here and be the asshole that says touching feels better than sex. Because sex feelsl PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING. But if I had to pick between fucking or kissing, cuddling, hugging, and holding hands with the man I’m in love with for the rest of my life, I’d pick the latter. Anyone can touch you. Shit, I get my personal space invaded every day on MUNI. But only a few can touch your heart in a way that gives your soul whiplash. So touch me, but don’t tease me, feel me and caress me. Or at the very least don’t Facebook me to tell me you think I’m pretty. Tap me on the shoulder and let me know. I can’t block or report you as spam in real life.

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