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Used to You

Most girls don’t want to get used to someone, because they don’t want to have to get un-used to them once they’re gone. It’s a terrible predicament to be in.

“I’m just used to him,” she said.

Used to being belittled. Used to fighting. Used to being manipulated. Used to feeling bad. Used to the verbal abuse. Used to a volatile relationship. Used to correlating how much someone cared by how much someone fought with her, which was often confused with fighting for her. She didn’t know anything outside of that world.

“I’m just used to him,” she said.

Used to him simply being there. Used to the routine. Used to a warm body on the other side of the bed. Used to getting less than she deserved, but just enough to keep her there. Used to the cycle. Used to feeling “just enough”.

“I’m just used to him,” she said.

Maybe. Just maybe, it’s time to get used to being treated with respect. Get used to hearing “I miss you’s,” “I love you’s,” “What can I do to make you feel better’s?” and “I appreciate you’s”. Used to communication, integrity, genuine effort, and compromise. I think it’s about time we get used to being treated like Queens, with or without the help of a King.

Sound crazy? Unfamiliar? Impossible? Weird? Unbelievable? Well, get used to it.

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