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Top 6 Summer Anthems

‘Cuz San Francisco doesn’t believe in summer and I’m starting to lose hope… Why Don’t We Fall In Love by Amerie This song will forever remind me of a hot summer day in NY, eating ice cream on a stoop during a date. And maybe going to South St. Seaport afterwards. The video itself takes place on the “first day of summer,” and the females are clad in short shorts while the fellas are playing street ball shirtless and I ain’t even mad at ’em.

Feel Me Flow by Naughty by Nature Me and my boy used to always joke about how Naughty only comes out with hits in the summertime, but with schorchers like this we can see why. I swear all their songs have a sort of “summer” feel to it. But this laid back beat and signature flow take me back to my high school summers, and for some odd reason I want to run through a sprinkler right now.

Girls Dem Suga by Beenie Man feat. Mya ‘Cuz what song with a dancehall influence doesn’t make u wanna whine and grind in a hot house party atmosphere? I really just wanna put on my gold lame disco hot pants and door knockers right now ol’ girl in the video and dance the warm summer night away. Zagga zow, zigga zow!

My Boo by Ghost Town DJs A favorite road trip karaoke song amongst me and my friends, I always sing this song when I’m washing my car. True story, sans the daisy dukes and bikini top. It will forever remind me of being a teen during a time when jelly platforms, halter tops, daisy print, and bright colored flares were in style. GOOD GOD.

Summertime in the LBC by The Dove Shack I remember buying this cassette single and singing nonstop to the instrumental on the back. Play this at any summer bbq and I guarantee it will magically turn into a musical ‘cuz at least 75% of the people there will know the lyrics. Sun, ribs, potato salad, a football, and The Dove Shack – wala u have summer.

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince *Sigh* Back when Will Smith was just some scrawny dude with big ears that didn’t cuss in his rhymes. Kinda miss him. At any rate – DUHHH. To not have this song on ur summer jam list is just blashphemous. (I don’t know, I just like using that word lol). The #1 summer anthem in my book, the Prince talks about everything wonderful about the summer and why it’s my favorite season outta the year.

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