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Throwback Thursdays – 68 and IOU 1

If u consider me as a little or big sister and especially if I’m ur daughter DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

Are girls just as horny as guys? Of course. Do we think about sex as much as men? Wouldn’t doubt it. Do we want it more? At times I’m sure. Are our conversations about sex just as raunchy?

No. They’re worse.

They’re graphic, and reveal waaay TMI. But they are always interesting and entertaining. Just last Saturday me and my girl were at a bar surrounded by folks, and although the night was a blur I do specifically remember the following statements being made … loudly may I add:

“He was big.” “I don’t know, he has a long tongue.” “Yes, I love it when they’re nasty!”


And that’s rated PG by the way. A popular sex topic that always comes up during girl talk is fellatio. Head. Blow jobs. Dome. Eating out. Becky. Going down. etc. etc. And I always have the same answer (which I am about to get sooo much shit for right now): I rather give than receive.

Men, please pump ur brakes and take a cold shower. And females, cease with the hate comments and femenist emails. Just because I like it, don’t mean just anyone’s gettin it. Having said that, lemme proceed and explain why ‘cuz I know there are a bunch of chicks out there shaking their head in disgust thinking “This bitch is trippin,” and a gang of dudes thinking, “THERE IS A GOD.”

So here’s the thing. Asides from the fact that I plain and simply don’t mind it – I actually get a kick out of it. Feeling my man squirm and hearing him breathe heavy turns me the fuck on and let’s me know I’m doing a good job. Making my man feel good, makes me feel good.

Now, it’s not that I don’t like receiving. Especially when it’s done right. I’m just shy about my shit (says the girl who is talking about oral sex on her blog for the entire world to see lol). But let’s face it, a vagina is just … so much more … gosh how can I say it … not gross … not more alien like … just, well IT’S ALL UP IN THERE AND SHIT. Stuff comes outta it that we ain’t got control of and while I take good care of the vag I still make sure to wash it before and after sex to keep it in check. I don’t like to look at my own shit, so what makes me wanna have someone else all up in that shit?

Sure, men are disgusting. They play ball, do jiu jitsu, and their balls get sweaty. But when all is said and done (and showered), a dick is like a finger to me. OK let’s hope it’s nothing like a finger, but it’s an appendage. Unless the dude ur fucking is dirty, in a sense, sucking a dick is like sucking on ur fingers after u eat a juicy piece of chicken and u got hot.sauce drippin down ur hands (I’m sure yall will never eat chicken the same way again). I know, I know. Ur still weary. But that’s just the way I look at it.

And that’s pretty much it in a nutshell (no pun intended). Not all women feel this way. In fact, most don’t. But unicorns do exist! lol. Ultimately though, yall gotta remember to compromise. Because this thing called “69-ing” exists as well. It’s a win-win situation. And everyone likes to win in the bedroom.

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