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The Unnecessary Truth?

Since the beginning of time we have been told that “honesty is the best policy.” That telling the truth would always be rewarded, and integrity would never go unnoticed. George Washington said it, and Honest Abe agreed. Then good old President Clinton dun fucked it all up by saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

But perhaps thats one of the reasons we all loved him so much. Not because he was a liar, not because he played the saxaphone, and not because he didn’t inhale – but because he was human.

I would never encourage lying. No wait, I’m lying. Unless you’re lying to your man about having lunch with your girls so that you can go buy decorations for his surprise birthday party or you’re lying to your woman about being broke because your saving up for her engagement ring (or something along those lines) – then I would never encourage dishonesty.

However, (there’s always a however lol) after watching The Invention of Lying last night, I almost feel as if lying is essential in order for humanity to function. I mean, just imagine the chaos that would ensue if we woke up tomorrow with the inability to fib? So then I thought about my day today and tried to remember how many times I told a lie, no matter how small it might have been. And you know what? The closest I got to it was when a vendor came in and asked if I was ok. I just looked at him and smiled. To which he replied, “That’s good.”

No it’s not dick-face.

I felt like shit. Daylight savings time fucked me up. I was annoyed that I had writers block. I was mad my ass and tits weren’t getting bigger as my stomach was getting flatter. I was depressed over my checking account balance. And I was frustrated over my non-existent career. Sure, it sounds silly but nevertheless – I was NOT good.

But at least I didn’t lie. I simply witheld information.

I think the movie should’ve been called The Invention of Witholding Information instead. Because that’s pretty much what it all came down to. Some things are just better left unsaid. Especially if not asked. It’s really not necessary for u to tell me ur dick got hard after u read my last blog about bj’s. I promise. Just like it ain’t necessary for me to tell you ’bout the time I swallowed my own yack ‘cuz I didn’t want to go Linda Blair on the dancefloor. U hate me now don’t u? EXACTLY.

It’s not being fake. It’s about not letting other people’s lives get in the way of yours and minding ur own business. It’s also about not giving away TMI, which I will be the first to admit I am guilty of. “Boy did I show the toilet whose boss just now!” (Sorry, me and my girls’ TMI threshold is a high one lol).

There is a right and a wrong time for everything. If u just met ur bothers new girlfriend and she looks like a donkey, u probably don’t need to tell him that (although as a good sister I’m sure u will anyway). But if u kissed ur girlfriends best friend last night … not telling her would still be fatal to the relationship. Sure, she may never find out, but when she does u are twice at fault. Depending on the situation, witholding is just a way to disguise a potential lie. It’s a scape goat. It’s a cop-out.

There is a fine line between witholding information and lying. Walk it carefully. ‘Cuz sometimes it’s just as bad as lying – either way ur still hurting someone who cares about u that u most likely care about as well.

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