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The Time is Now?

I received The Power of Now for Christmas one year, and after reading it twice since and fully understanding it’s legitimacy, I’m still gonna go with “You need more people Eckhart!”

While it’s good advice, and makes absolute perfect sense it’s just hard for an over analyzing worry-wart like me to NOT anticipate the future. I for one think it’s ok to think about the bigger picture and believe that in the wrong hands, “The Power of Now” can be easily abused as mentioned in this previous post I wrote. I get it though. I really do, and commend those who can fully devote themselves to the present. Asides from instances like when Wilson threw the World Series winning pitch last year, or gurus like Deepak Chopra, there’s few who can zone out on command. I have out of body experiences when I run, but even then I have no control over it.

I read that original Tiny Buddha article monday morning, and after giving it the “beatbox” I decided to try it out. Work was dragging and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. All I wanted to do was grab a 6-pack and lay out. Instead, I was opening mail, solving billing discrepancies, and doing date-entry FML. I looked out the window, and then at my baby beer-belly and thought to myself, “Gym run after work bitch. You wanna be bikini ready for SD in July, and most importantly The Giant Race in August.”

I really thought I was going to run, I even announced it on FB so you knew it was true lol (i know things get lost in translation esp via internet, but yes i’m being sarcastic). Then, twenty minutes before I was off my girl threw out the idea of an iced-cold alcoholic beverage, and just like that I was sitting at the bar next to her with a lychee mojito snickering in my face.

For about three minutes I was disappointed in my lack of discipline but soon after felt content. I was with one of my girls, choppin it up, having a drink, and enjoying life. It literally was a happy hour. When I got home, the sun was still beaming so I made a snap decision and quickly changed into my running gear, strapped on my Nano, put in my headphones and made it to the beach anyway. Holy shit, did I really just break down my day THAT SAME DAY? I sure did, and by doing so my happy hour turned into a happy night.

I may never be able to fully grasp the power of now, nor do I think I want to. I like having reverence for the future, it keeps me on my toes and teaches me to be accountable for my actions on a day to day basis. And let’s face it, I am no buddha. So sorry Mr. Tolle, I know you’re more enlightened than me, have more credentials, and are probably on some parallel universe type wavelength when it comes to this shit but I’m still gonna say it’s OK to think about tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Long as it doesn’t interfere with your happiness today. 

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