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>The One.

>As yall know, I went to Miami for a couple of days and although I feel blessed to have been there to begin with, of course I’m gonna complain that I’m back home in the rain practically hugging my space heater ‘cuz it’s freezing in my room. So yes, I’m bitter. And yes I’m too stupid to blog right now but I’m going to anyway before I forget about this topic and lose all my readers, ‘cuz that’s what happens when you don’t write for 5 days. Just don’t expect me to be any good right now, my brain is still on South Beach drinking a fucking mojito.


I’ve heard that everyone has that one person that got away. Meh, not true.

Well, I guess that depends on what your definition of it is. But a friend of mine said he doesn’t believe in them. That there’s no such thing, and if someone isn’t in your life in a certain way, it’s not because you let them get away. It’s because they’re just not supposed to be in your life like that.

If you were with someone and shit didn’t work out due to whatever circumstances, then yes. They got away. Not necessarily because you let them go, but because they wanted to leave. And when someone really doesn’t want to be somewhere there’s nothing you can say or do to make them stay. However, that doesn’t mean that at the right time it won’t happen. Don’t believe me? Read this. True story 😉

But when I think of “The one that got away,” I think of a person who you’ve always had a serious crush on but for one reason or another, never took it THERE. In which case – I’ve never had one. I’ve never been interested in someone enough to want to get to know them and NOT pull them. OMFG that Abigail is sooo conceited. Womp womp. STFU and lemme explain. I get with these dudes NOT because I’m a pimp. I get with them because I don’t want to be wondering, “What if?” about some dude, when I’m with another dude. That shit ain’t cool.

Not only isn’t it fair for the person whose giving 100% but not having it reciprocated, but it also ain’t fair to Mr. or Mrs. 67% either. If nobody wants to be second best, why would you want to have second best?

We all want to believe that the person we’re with now is genuinely diggin us. That it was love at first sight, and that they never think about anyone else. That regardless of how “in like” they are with us now, that we weren’t initially just a “buffer,” or “rebound.” But that shit happens all the time. And I know you gotta kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince/ss but if there’s a chick or a dude in front of you wearing a medieval costume with a sign that says “Hi, I’m your Prince/ss Charming,” why fucking not right?

So if you’re feelin someone, like, a lot. Handle it. Because you never know, the one that got away might be just, THE ONE.

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