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The Meteor.

A meteor is defined as a small body of matter from outer space that enters the Earth’s atmosphere, becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light. A friend of mine described it as a turning point in someone’s life that usually happens instantaneously.

I used to have a thing for meteor showers when I was younger. When you live in a big city like San Francisco, there is no shortage of bright lights and tall buildings. But you are privy to clear, constellation-filled night skies. Thus, catching a shooting star is a rarity. You have to focus and take advantage of the situation, because in a blink of an eye the moment could pass. You could miss it, and not even realize it until there is nothing but a trail of shimmery, could’ve would’ve should’ve left behind.

Everyday we are faced with meteors. Some are so small we barely notice their effects. While others are so impactful they leave craters in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. This was the kind of meteor my friend was referring to. He was concerned that he might miss the next one being too caught up in the rapture of life that can sometimes feel safe and comfortable.

It’s a tough call that no one but yourself can make. While certain meteor showers only happen once in a lifetime, we mustn’t forget that as beautiful and exciting as they are, they also have the potential to be destructive. There’s always a bigger picture. And meteors derive from something much bigger – asteroids. Have you watched Armageddon? That fucking asteroid killed Bruce Willis!

I obey traffic signs, and follow directions. However, I don’t play it safe. Just because I don’t start a fight whenever someone nudges me in a crowded bar, it definitely doesn’t mean I’m a pussy. I know what my universe consists of. What my Earth revolves around, and what stars shine the brightest. So when there’s a meteor shower, I leave the umbrella at home.

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