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The Great White Hope – TBT 10.25.11

We always want the best better than the best for our friends. When we see them get hurt, we’re almost twice as hard on them. We want them to see what we see, and embed in their brain that they don’t have to settle for less. That while I’m sure he cares about you, he still doesn’t care what he does TO you. That the size of his penis or his ability to dick you down will NEVER be worth it. That just because you two fight, it doesn’t mean there’s something left worth fighting for. So when we see a glimmer of hope at the end of a dark tunnel, we grab it by the horns and embark on a full-fledged “Mister Nice Guy” campaign.

We make t-shirts, posters, and buttons, and pass out lollipops. We set up interrogation dinners, and give well-deserved nicknames. We giggle at cute text messages, call dibs on being Godmother, and pretend to hate you for watching the sunrise on top of a roof under a blanket in the rain (OK, so maybe we don’t actually pretend). We endorse this man that makes you smile, hope things work out – and brace ourselves in the event it doesn’t.

Because when it doesn’t, we almost feel like we supported a sham, and chose the wrong person to hypeman. Like it’s our fault for being so encouraging and optimistic. We both know this is far from the truth, but we still feel bad anyway. But while all that glitters isn’t gold,  it doesn’t mean it can’t shine some light on the situation.

Things may not have worked out for one reason or another, and we know that shit fucking sucks. I don’t care what enlightening affirmation you have for it, it still fucking sucks! But at least now you know what it feels like to be treated with respect. To be told and genuinely feel like you’re being appreciated. To have a smile on your face that wasn’t at the expense of tears shed the night before. Remember when you didn’t think you’d make a connection this way again? Who would’ve thought? With a nice guy at that.

So maybe this guy wasn’t THE one. But maybe he was the one to show you that guys like him do exist. And if you can feel for someone again after you said you couldn’t, there’s no reason why you can’t feel that way again. Now how can I not endorse that?

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