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The Great Debate.

Written around the time the SF Giants won the 2012 World Series.

A few days ago a friend of mine prosed this great statement and question on Facebook:

“I find it a little funny when people call out other people as a ‘Bandwagoner’. I see absolutely nothing wrong with cheering and rooting for the home team, emitting positive energy for the team AND the city. Since when was there a requirement to watch sports??”~Lorenz

It sparked stimulating dialogue, but of course not without audacious ignorance. I was called a hypocritical bandwagon fan that only liked popular teams and players based on the fact that I said I’m not a baseball fan, but I love the Giants. He stated, “That’s like saying you like Dale Earnhardt Jr. but don’t like Nascar.” Which to me makes perfect sense, because you can respect him and admire his work ethic, but not necessarily care about a bunch of cars driving in circles. The motherfucking nerve.

I know a Giant doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep, but I’m not going to lie – I was offended. Mostly because he knew absolutely nothing about me, and couldn’t have been more wrong. Otherwise he would’ve known that I’ve been attending games since before I was 7. He would’ve known that I cheer just as loud during pre-season games against the A’s in the 9th inning as I do in playoff games in the 10th. And he would’ve known that I was never a Barry Bonds fan although I acknowledge what he’s done for the team. I mean, I’m no expert, but Bonds was a pretty popular no?

Perhaps it’s my fault for not rephrasing myself, because I suppose I do like baseball. I love seeing little old ladies at the ballpark wearing big hats adorned with vintage Giants pins. I love the aroma of garlic fries and cinnamon roasted nuts throughout the promenade. I love seeing all the signature quirks of the ushers as they hustle their way through the bleachers. I love singing my heart out (off key of course) during the 7th inning stretch. I love hearing the crack of a bat as it sends a ball soaring over the back wall. The water cannons are a sight to see, and the mass high-fives that follow only validate it. But I still don’t think you need to love baseball to love the SF Giants. When your love for a team goes beyond the colors, the actual sport almost becomes irrelevant.

The picture below? THAT is why I love the San Francisco Giants. And it has nothing to do with baseball. 

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