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The Executioner.

Updated: Aug 23

They said he was a big, bad man.

He was loyal, he could fight, he goes crazy.

But he's different now - is he?

He's reformed - really?

Because we are now back to where we started, only worse.

You couldn't let it go. You just had to let me know.

Your finger pulled a trigger led by your ego.

They said he was a big, bad man.

But is he really?

Once the liquor runs and after all the fun,

He hides behind closed doors and leg presses

Builds walls and avoids phone calls,

Commitment issues underneath it all

Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a ghost?

You always did disappear when I needed you the most.

They said he was a big, bad man.

But all I see is a coward

Rather take a bullet than communicate.

Avoidant as of late and so our fate, you sealed.

Not with a kiss, but with resentment from stringing me along.

You know what you did was wrong.


I should've listened.

To my gut.

Instead, it took a hit from you,

TKO - no split decision.

They said he was a big, bad man.

But a man is still a man - nothing less, nothing more.

And at his core, there still lives a scared, little boy

I'm so sorry. What you've seen and what you've been through.


There are things you're not saying and you keep taking and taking while I'm patiently waiting.

So was it worth it?

If word is your bond, then we are a love story deferred

Murder she may have wrote,

but the executioner killed her.

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